There is no longer a Christian mind.

-Harry Blamires, The Christian Mind

My lifetime goal has been to cultivate a Christian mind. By that I mean a Christian mind is a way of seeing. By seeing I mean interpreting everything. Everything means personal self-awareness, relationships with other people, marriage and family, work and invention, politics and law, human corruption and inhumanity.

Everyone sees and interprets. What makes a Christian unique is that they see through God’s revealed truth. It is a wider angle and a deeper perspective. Wider because it frames our lives in span of eternity to eternity. Deeper because it is founded on the word of the God who sees the secret thoughts and intentions of the human heart. It also offers wider and deeper hope and joy.

I explore this Christian Mind beginning with posts on “Preliminaries.” In those I explain what I mean by a Christian Mind.

Then I lay down the Foundational Principles. Think of them as the filters through which I look.

I will use this blog to record my thoughts on how these principles shape how I see everything from politics and the Constitution to the experience of reading to my grandchildren. In recent years I have reflected a great deal on power inequalities, gender roles, and abuse. Like I said, it is a way of seeing Everything.

One of my roles is to serve as a Conciliator. That means I help people resolve conflicts and reconcile broken relationships. There is a section of the main menu where I introduce the core practices of Christian peacemaking. A Christian Mind uniquely provides an effective and powerful path for people to address alienation. You can read about that there.

I moderate comments. I will delete abusive ones. And yes, all of this is copyrighted.

Thanks for joining me.